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Finally, All is Wright

By Blake Chadwick

The 2009 baseball season is one to be forgotten as a Mets fan. Injuries, lackluster play, and an overall mediocre ballclub plagued Queens for 6 months. The biggest mystery surrounding the season was arguably David Wright’s odd numbers. Outside of a concussion late in the season, Wright played the majority of the season with a few baffling statistics. For a guy who hit 25+ HR’s and 100+ RBI’s in each of his first 4 full seasons, he dropped way off the map in 2009. Was it the adjustment to Citi Field? Was it seeing less pitches due to other stars being injured? Nonetheless, his 10 HR 72 RBI output to go along with a career high 140 K’s and his first sub .900 OPS “helped” the Mets to 92 losses and a 4th place NL East finish.

Fast forward to 2010. The Mets are 10 games over .500 at the end of June and only a game and a half out of first in the NL East. Reyes, Santana, and Niese are healthy. Beltran is almost back. But most importantly, David Wright has once again found his swing. 14 HR’s and an NL-leading 63 RBI’s heading into the month of July to go along with a .311 avg and a career high OPS of .941. He has overcome his early season struggles in which he dipped to 5th in the batting order and looked to remain on last season’s track. He is back to the 3 hole and paces the team on a nightly basis. There is no question the Mets hot streak over the last month and a half directly coincides with Wright’s hot bat. The Mets will always have question marks until they can return to the promised land that is the World Series. However, as we enter July and teams begin to make their second half push, the Mets can say for now, all is Wright.


Photo Story: Marlins vs Rangers June 16

By Ivan Berliant

After another great day at the ballpark…

This is a Second Half Push photo account of the game. Check out some of the things we saw, and that you could’ve seen. Including Michael Young hitting his 1748th hit with the Rangers! Witnessing History over here.

Disclaimer: If people look a little overly sweaty (cough cough me), it was HOT last night!

Michael young on Second with Hanley. After hit 1748.
Michael Young after he got his 1748th hit for the Rangers, most all-time. Here’s a Florida Marlin name drop, he passed Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez.
Empty Marlins Stadium
Even $7.90 tickets and exciting interleague play couldn’t fill up Sun Life Stadium, there were no more than a guesstimated six or seven thousand. Honestly, this team could use some support. Maybe they’ll come out after tonight’s NBA Finals game 7. Yea that’s it, they’re waiting for after game 7…
Hanley Ramirez popping out
Hanley Ramirez, the heart of South Florida, well maybe other than Dwayne Wade. Not a great night at the plate and this photo kind of sums it up. He did hit a blast to left center (which I called by the way, and I have witnesses) but was robbed at the track. That would have been two in two days.
Ivan and the infamous beer guy
Me (Ivan from Second Half Push) with probably the second most famous guy at the park. If you’re a local you know this guy… “GET YOUR ICE COLD BEER,HEREEE”
Blake and Ivan with a mermaid
We got the whole experience last night, Baseball, Billy and the cheerleaders. Are the Marlins the only Major League Baseball team with cheerleaders?
Blake and Billy the Marlin
Soon after sitting down, the Marlins’ mascot, Billy the Marlin, came right to our section. We had to get a picture. He might have Blake in a strangle hold, but the only thing that’s choking is the Marlins’ bullpen. Or, he might have Blake in a stranglehold, but the Mets have a stranglehold on the Marlins atop the NL East. Sorry I’ll stop, I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity for some cleverness.
Pre-game tailgating with some Marlins fans/friends
Blake Chadwick of Second Half Push tailgating with some Marlins fans. Well they’re actually friends, one of the many ways to intrude on the enemy’s territory. Take notes Jets and Mets fans.

Does Fantasy Ruin The Love of The Game?

By Blake Chadwick

Alright picture this nightmare scenario. Your favorite team, in this case we will say the New York Mets, have a 5-3 lead in the bottom of the 9th on the road vs. division rival and widely despised Philadelphia. There are 2 on and 2 out with Ryan Howard at the dish. The caveat is you own Mr. Howard. To make things even more spicy, your opponent has Mets closer, Francisco “K-Rod” Rodriguez. On a 3-2 pitch, Howard JACKS one to deep right field sealing the deal with a walk-off 3 run HR. So fantasy wise, your now golden. Your opponent blows a save and you add a HR, 3 RBI, a run and an inflated OPS in one swing. You pump your fist with excitement as that play put you over the top and won your weekly series. After a few minutes, you realize you just went ballistic for not only a Phillies win, but a Mets loss. A walk off nonetheless against one of your chief rivals. This brings up the point, does fantasy baseball ruin ones love for the game? For me, it definitely can get in the way at times and forces me to snap out of it. Sometimes, the numbers crunch and statistical analysis overtakes simple balls and strikes. I would love to hear how this affects others. The best remedy is to go out to the ballpark and soak it all in. Before you buy your tickets, just make sure your ace is on the hill.