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Marlins’ fans, get your Vuvuzelza on this Saturday!

By Ivan Berliant

I’m sure by now you must’ve heard the ‘buzz’ surrounding the World Cup. Yea sure the soccer is great, but it seems the Vuvuzelas are making all the headlines.  According to our awesome ESPN insider privileges and a report by the Palm Beach Post, the Marlins plan to give out similar type horns this Saturday as the Fish take on the Tampa Bay Rays. The Marlins are giving the first 15,000 fans to show up to Sun Life Stadium a Vuvuzela-type horn, so don’t worry they WON’T be selling out.

The series should be pretty good, and I’m interested in seeing how the Rays perform without another bat in the line-up. Hopefully this is a good idea and doesn’t turn people off of the team even more so.

Read how a Yankee fan brought a Vuvuzela to series finale against the Philadelphia Phillies.

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Photo Story: Marlins vs Rangers June 16

By Ivan Berliant

After another great day at the ballpark…

This is a Second Half Push photo account of the game. Check out some of the things we saw, and that you could’ve seen. Including Michael Young hitting his 1748th hit with the Rangers! Witnessing History over here.

Disclaimer: If people look a little overly sweaty (cough cough me), it was HOT last night!

Michael young on Second with Hanley. After hit 1748.
Michael Young after he got his 1748th hit for the Rangers, most all-time. Here’s a Florida Marlin name drop, he passed Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez.
Empty Marlins Stadium
Even $7.90 tickets and exciting interleague play couldn’t fill up Sun Life Stadium, there were no more than a guesstimated six or seven thousand. Honestly, this team could use some support. Maybe they’ll come out after tonight’s NBA Finals game 7. Yea that’s it, they’re waiting for after game 7…
Hanley Ramirez popping out
Hanley Ramirez, the heart of South Florida, well maybe other than Dwayne Wade. Not a great night at the plate and this photo kind of sums it up. He did hit a blast to left center (which I called by the way, and I have witnesses) but was robbed at the track. That would have been two in two days.
Ivan and the infamous beer guy
Me (Ivan from Second Half Push) with probably the second most famous guy at the park. If you’re a local you know this guy… “GET YOUR ICE COLD BEER,HEREEE”
Blake and Ivan with a mermaid
We got the whole experience last night, Baseball, Billy and the cheerleaders. Are the Marlins the only Major League Baseball team with cheerleaders?
Blake and Billy the Marlin
Soon after sitting down, the Marlins’ mascot, Billy the Marlin, came right to our section. We had to get a picture. He might have Blake in a strangle hold, but the only thing that’s choking is the Marlins’ bullpen. Or, he might have Blake in a stranglehold, but the Mets have a stranglehold on the Marlins atop the NL East. Sorry I’ll stop, I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity for some cleverness.
Pre-game tailgating with some Marlins fans/friends
Blake Chadwick of Second Half Push tailgating with some Marlins fans. Well they’re actually friends, one of the many ways to intrude on the enemy’s territory. Take notes Jets and Mets fans.

The Second Half Push Marlins Experience

By Blake Chadwick

The staff of Second Half Push wanted the full-on Marlins experience, so for $7.90 a ticket and the opportunity to watch multiple fantasy players in action, including both starting pitchers, we had to attend this must see affair. Well, we thought it was a must see affair anyway. How perfect the scenario, I have the young gun Tommy Hunter on the hill for Texas, and my opponent in our Yahoo H2H league had Anibal Sanchez for the Fish. Every pitch was important. Moreover, I had the chance to see one of my all-time favorites, Vlad Guerrero. Unfortunately, the only plate appearance Guerrero had was an intentional walk–bummer .

The announced attendance was just over 17,000– an absolute joke. Anyone watching on TV or at the game could tell you there was 7,000 there tops, half of them wearing jerseys of teams not even in casual conversations with the night’s competitors. An early scare for me 2 1/3 innings into the game, Hunter was yanked for a leg injury. My fantasy gem was squashed without even giving up a hit. The Texas bullpen sustained the lead for Hunter, which included 2 perfect innings from former Met Darren O’Day.

After an in-person look at the Texas lineup, this team is for real. Julio Borbon is starting to heat up after a shaky start, connecting for his first HR of the season off Sanchez in the second. Josh Hamilton collected four hits including a towering shot to dead center over the 400 foot sign late in the game to seal the deal. Also, Michael Young might be one the most underrated players in the game. The guy gets it done year and year out, playing multiple positions while doing whatever is asked of him by the coaching staff. He’s hitting .320 this season and just took the all-time Rangers lead for hits with the team last night.

The Marlins did not quite make the same impression on me last night. Hanley Ramirez looked solid as usual and Chris Coghlan has appeared to regain his 2009 Rookie of the Year form, but otherwise the team looked like they belonged under .500 and destined to miss the postseason once again. All in all, it was an entertaining night for Second Half Push with fantasy points collected and a Marlins loss. What a perfect scenario.