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We need your questions and opinions!


Weekly Poll: Who Was the Most Perfect?

By Blake Chadwick

Ok. After a month to digest the insane month of pitching that was May, it brings up a debate. There were three (I know there were technically 2 but still) perfect games thrown in the month. THREE! That is unprecedented. Dallas Braden, Roy Halladay, and Armando Galarraga all basically put their names in the record books. I know Galarraga’s isn’t official, but no one outside of Jim Joyce believes that. So the question I ask is, who had the best perfect game of the bunch? Let’s digest the stats…

Dallas Braden (Oakland Athletics) vs. Tampa Bay Rays 5/9/10 – 9 IP 6 K’s 109 pitches

Roy Halladay (Philadelphia Phillies) @ Florida Marlins 5/29/10 – 9 IP 11 K’s 115 pitches

Armando Galarraga (Detroit Tigers) vs. Cleveland Indians 6/2/10 – 9 IP 1 Hit 3 K’s 88 pitches

So who had the best perfect game? YOU decide!!!

Where in the World is Nick Markakis?

By Blake Chadwick

Generally, when one is selected in the first round of a draft, they are expected to become megastars with much hype attached. Look at the last few seasons. Strasburg, Stanton, Wieters, Longoria the list goes on and on. Well let’s set the way back machine to 2006, when the Orioles had a young slugger they expected to be in the minor leagues for another season or two before a Spring Training coming out party landed him a roster spot four seasons ago. The young gun was not only consistent, but productive in his first three seasons including 6th place in AL ROY voting in 2006. His best season thus far was 2007 when he hit .300 and hit 23 HR knocked in 112 RBI’s, and swiped 18 bags. Looks not only like a fantasy stud, but a legit big league star. In four full seasons, he’s topped 100 RBI’s twice and drove in 87 another time. His HR totals all hover around 20 and his average close to a stellar .300.

Let’s flash forward to the present day. The Orioles are the worst team in baseball by far. They are one of two teams to make a managerial change already, the other being the perennially lowly Royals. In the last few weeks, Mr. Markakis has heated up and raised his average to .302. You might be wondering what is wrong with that. Well, let’s dissect some of his other numbers. HR’s? How about 3. RBI’s? A mere 23 knocked in. Stolen bases? 1. Also, his 78 hits and 27 runs put him on pace for his worst totals in those categories since his rookie season. In a throwaway season for Baltimore when cornerstone players like Adam Jones and Matt Wieters are struggling, you would expect someone to step in. Almost certainly, you would give the nod to one of the leaders and best players on this club in Markakis. Well that hasn’t happened yet. There is still much of the season to be played, so he can’t be completely written off yet. So in a season of complete disarray for the O’s when no one is stepping up, I ask simply, where in the world is Nick Markakis?

Father’s day special: Happy Father’s day Mike Basile

To the man who ignited my passion for America’s pastime, this post is for you…

For Father’s day I decided to be a bit creative in my gift for my dad, so this entry is a gift and a dedication to the man who got me into baseball. Dad, you started my passion for New York sports and was with me every step of the way as we cheered the Mets and Jets to mediocracy (haha just kidding, we had some good times).You were my little league coach and my source for all things baseball. Every son has something in common with their father, and ours was baseball. We loved the game and we loved the Mets. You ultimately were the inspiration for this blog and my sports obsession, which I don’t quite know is a good or bad thing.

Thanks for everything Dad and have a great Father’s Day… GO METS!

Mets old tymer game
Another trip to Shea. We caught a double-header that day, the regular game and the old tymer game.
Memories at Shea
We always made time to go to Shea, good memories R.I.P. Shea
Birthdays at Shea Stadium
This is one year my dad took us to Shea for my birthday, we even got to run the bases. We played the Marlins that day, I think the kid to the far left is a little confused haha
In the Seats
Just solidifying my fandom for the New York Mets, thanks Dad!
Our heros, baseball card collection
We used to collect baseball cards when I was younger, these were some of our heros. Shout out to Tom Seaver (rookie card) and Nolan Ryan as a Met!
Mets Jets Marlins game tickets
Look at all the great games we went to. Always great spending time with Dad watching sports! There’s a game 7 Marlins’ World Series ticket in there!
My dad and I
My Dad and I present day, at a Mets vs. Marlins game

Marlins’ fans, get your Vuvuzelza on this Saturday!

By Ivan Berliant

I’m sure by now you must’ve heard the ‘buzz’ surrounding the World Cup. Yea sure the soccer is great, but it seems the Vuvuzelas are making all the headlines.  According to our awesome ESPN insider privileges and a report by the Palm Beach Post, the Marlins plan to give out similar type horns this Saturday as the Fish take on the Tampa Bay Rays. The Marlins are giving the first 15,000 fans to show up to Sun Life Stadium a Vuvuzela-type horn, so don’t worry they WON’T be selling out.

The series should be pretty good, and I’m interested in seeing how the Rays perform without another bat in the line-up. Hopefully this is a good idea and doesn’t turn people off of the team even more so.

Read how a Yankee fan brought a Vuvuzela to series finale against the Philadelphia Phillies.

Check out the Palm Beach Post article.

Interleague Poll: Who’s taking the Mets and Yankees series?

By Ivan Berliant

Mets vs Yankees

Mets vs Yankees. Image taken from an online database.

Well thus far the New York Mets are running through interleague play. They’ve posted an 8-1 record against A.L. teams this year including a 5-1 record against the “dominating” A.L. East with an unblemished 6-0 record in A.L. parks, maybe there is something to this DH debate afterall. As the surging Mets(12-2 over their last 14 games) head to Yankee Stadium to take on their cross time rivals, we at Second Half Push want to know how you think this series is going to play out. Our obvious biases are saying the Mets will take at least two of three, but here’s the logic:

  • The Mets have the benefit of using a DH, most likely Chris Carter, and don’t have to account for late inning strategies and pitch counts. Carter has been the designated hitter in the first four of five games on the interleague road trip ,while jacking two 3-run home runs on consecutive days in the process. The kid can hit, and it’s nice to get another power bat in the line-up.
  • The Yankees just lost two of three at home to another N.L. East team, the Philadelphia Phillies. Yes, we know it is the Phillies, but these aren’t the same Phillies that have dominated the N.L. East for the past few years. Their hitting has been dismal and injuries to their offensive catalyst, Jimmy Rollins, has derailed the production thus far. Not to mention Chase Utley is slumping worse than ever ( yes I said it!). Their only win came from the pitching duel between Roy Halladay and C.C. Sabathia, where if it weren’t for an uncharacteristic performance from one of the league’s perfect game owners, there might have been a New York sweep.

Face it Yankee fans, we’re hot. We’re finding ways to win and all of our players are contributing. There’s not doubting this series will have the excitement and ambience of the post-season, and I think we are all a little anxious for it to begin.

So who’s taking it? The Mets or the Yankees? VOTE on our interleague poll!

Photo Story: Marlins vs Rangers June 16

By Ivan Berliant

After another great day at the ballpark…

This is a Second Half Push photo account of the game. Check out some of the things we saw, and that you could’ve seen. Including Michael Young hitting his 1748th hit with the Rangers! Witnessing History over here.

Disclaimer: If people look a little overly sweaty (cough cough me), it was HOT last night!

Michael young on Second with Hanley. After hit 1748.
Michael Young after he got his 1748th hit for the Rangers, most all-time. Here’s a Florida Marlin name drop, he passed Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez.
Empty Marlins Stadium
Even $7.90 tickets and exciting interleague play couldn’t fill up Sun Life Stadium, there were no more than a guesstimated six or seven thousand. Honestly, this team could use some support. Maybe they’ll come out after tonight’s NBA Finals game 7. Yea that’s it, they’re waiting for after game 7…
Hanley Ramirez popping out
Hanley Ramirez, the heart of South Florida, well maybe other than Dwayne Wade. Not a great night at the plate and this photo kind of sums it up. He did hit a blast to left center (which I called by the way, and I have witnesses) but was robbed at the track. That would have been two in two days.
Ivan and the infamous beer guy
Me (Ivan from Second Half Push) with probably the second most famous guy at the park. If you’re a local you know this guy… “GET YOUR ICE COLD BEER,HEREEE”
Blake and Ivan with a mermaid
We got the whole experience last night, Baseball, Billy and the cheerleaders. Are the Marlins the only Major League Baseball team with cheerleaders?
Blake and Billy the Marlin
Soon after sitting down, the Marlins’ mascot, Billy the Marlin, came right to our section. We had to get a picture. He might have Blake in a strangle hold, but the only thing that’s choking is the Marlins’ bullpen. Or, he might have Blake in a stranglehold, but the Mets have a stranglehold on the Marlins atop the NL East. Sorry I’ll stop, I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity for some cleverness.
Pre-game tailgating with some Marlins fans/friends
Blake Chadwick of Second Half Push tailgating with some Marlins fans. Well they’re actually friends, one of the many ways to intrude on the enemy’s territory. Take notes Jets and Mets fans.