Video Segment: Rumors around the N.L. East!

Hey guys, enjoy the first video segment of many coming from the writers of Second Half Push. Today’s video addresses a potential call up of Marlins’ top prospect, Logan Morrison. That could mean some interesting moves and shifts going down in South Florida. Also, exciting Mets’ news as Carlos Beltran is coming off the DL and could be activated VERY soon. Find out about the Cliff Lee trade rumors, and how Philadelphia plans on replacing Chase Utley.

Click here to see how I plan on filling my fantasy hole at second base

Enjoy the video and give us your comments, we would really appreciate it!



  1. Michael

    cool video i-man!great updates on all teams!you didn’t say anything on washington though-they do have some bright spots straussberg and zimmerman.another way to do this segment might be to focus on minor leagues for all nl east teams and work your way up to the majors-keep up the good work ,your #1 fan!

  2. thausman

    Cliff Lee would be a phenomenal acquisition for the Mets. But if they can’t get him, they should go after Dan Haren!

    • Ivan Berliant

      True, I guess it’s a little concerning how Haren has pitched this year especially being in the NL West, but all things aside Haren is legit. I’m really liking Oswalt this year too, he’s been dominant for the Astros’, and would be a nice fit too. Idk I think Lee or Oswalt would just be a better fit this year because similar to Haren, Santana has been erratic (while Santana’s k/9 have been low at times). God forbid Haren and Santana are shaky at the same time, the Mets moves would be for naught.

  3. thausman

    I hear what you are saying about Oswalt, although he Haren has been better in June even if his win-loss record doesn’t show it. He posted a 3.21 ERA over his past six starts, and struck out 39 batters in 42 innings pitched. By contrast Oswalt managed a 5.21 ERA in June, while striking out 25 hitters in just 32 innings of work. But I think either pitcher would benefit greatly if traded to the Mets.

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