Finally, All is Wright

By Blake Chadwick

The 2009 baseball season is one to be forgotten as a Mets fan. Injuries, lackluster play, and an overall mediocre ballclub plagued Queens for 6 months. The biggest mystery surrounding the season was arguably David Wright’s odd numbers. Outside of a concussion late in the season, Wright played the majority of the season with a few baffling statistics. For a guy who hit 25+ HR’s and 100+ RBI’s in each of his first 4 full seasons, he dropped way off the map in 2009. Was it the adjustment to Citi Field? Was it seeing less pitches due to other stars being injured? Nonetheless, his 10 HR 72 RBI output to go along with a career high 140 K’s and his first sub .900 OPS “helped” the Mets to 92 losses and a 4th place NL East finish.

Fast forward to 2010. The Mets are 10 games over .500 at the end of June and only a game and a half out of first in the NL East. Reyes, Santana, and Niese are healthy. Beltran is almost back. But most importantly, David Wright has once again found his swing. 14 HR’s and an NL-leading 63 RBI’s heading into the month of July to go along with a .311 avg and a career high OPS of .941. He has overcome his early season struggles in which he dipped to 5th in the batting order and looked to remain on last season’s track. He is back to the 3 hole and paces the team on a nightly basis. There is no question the Mets hot streak over the last month and a half directly coincides with Wright’s hot bat. The Mets will always have question marks until they can return to the promised land that is the World Series. However, as we enter July and teams begin to make their second half push, the Mets can say for now, all is Wright.



  1. thausman

    Thank goodness. He’s been the cornerstone of my fantasy keeper team for the past three seasons. He should get even better when Beltran comes back and gives him some protection.

  2. Chris

    I’m wondering if Wright’s resurgence has anything to do with a healthy Reyes coming back to the top of the line up and kicking major ass. His health definitely has coincided with the Mets success rate, but it is hard to tell whether this is coincidence or causality.

  3. Ivan Berliant

    Hey Chris, you have to believe that Reyes being healthy is the catalyst for the team’s and D Wright’s success. It’s how they got the job done years prior to last, and it correlates to their performance last year.

    Hey we’re getting to your question in the video segment I promise, and we really appreciate the support. I guess Francis’ last performance will def weigh heavily in the consideration, but i think our perspective will be able to help you out (considering we’re in the same league). I’ll tell you one thing, I do like your pitching haha and when Beckett comes off the DL you might be rolling even more so.

  4. Chris

    Thanks, I’ll take all the input I can get, including from fantasy rivals. And I hope Beckett comes back hot cause he started this year absolutely dreadful.

    Enjoying the blog, good stuff.

  5. Michael

    wright is the straw that stirs the drink for the mets[daryl strawberry pun intended],i agree with beltran offering up some protection when he comes off the dl-however jason bay’s resurgence has also been a factor as well-good stuff-your #1 fan…..

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