Weekly Poll: Who Was the Most Perfect?

By Blake Chadwick

Ok. After a month to digest the insane month of pitching that was May, it brings up a debate. There were three (I know there were technically 2 but still) perfect games thrown in the month. THREE! That is unprecedented. Dallas Braden, Roy Halladay, and Armando Galarraga all basically put their names in the record books. I know Galarraga’s isn’t official, but no one outside of Jim Joyce believes that. So the question I ask is, who had the best perfect game of the bunch? Let’s digest the stats…

Dallas Braden (Oakland Athletics) vs. Tampa Bay Rays 5/9/10 – 9 IP 6 K’s 109 pitches

Roy Halladay (Philadelphia Phillies) @ Florida Marlins 5/29/10 – 9 IP 11 K’s 115 pitches

Armando Galarraga (Detroit Tigers) vs. Cleveland Indians 6/2/10 – 9 IP 1 Hit 3 K’s 88 pitches

So who had the best perfect game? YOU decide!!!


One comment

  1. aaronhausman

    Glad to add you guys to our blogroll at piatpattoes. Thanks for reading.

    Gotta go with Galaragga based on the 28th out.

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