Father’s day special: Happy Father’s day Mike Basile

To the man who ignited my passion for America’s pastime, this post is for you…

For Father’s day I decided to be a bit creative in my gift for my dad, so this entry is a gift and a dedication to the man who got me into baseball. Dad, you started my passion for New York sports and was with me every step of the way as we cheered the Mets and Jets to mediocracy (haha just kidding, we had some good times).You were my little league coach and my source for all things baseball. Every son has something in common with their father, and ours was baseball. We loved the game and we loved the Mets. You ultimately were the inspiration for this blog and my sports obsession, which I don’t quite know is a good or bad thing.

Thanks for everything Dad and have a great Father’s Day… GO METS!

Mets old tymer game
Another trip to Shea. We caught a double-header that day, the regular game and the old tymer game.
Memories at Shea
We always made time to go to Shea, good memories R.I.P. Shea
Birthdays at Shea Stadium
This is one year my dad took us to Shea for my birthday, we even got to run the bases. We played the Marlins that day, I think the kid to the far left is a little confused haha
In the Seats
Just solidifying my fandom for the New York Mets, thanks Dad!
Our heros, baseball card collection
We used to collect baseball cards when I was younger, these were some of our heros. Shout out to Tom Seaver (rookie card) and Nolan Ryan as a Met!
Mets Jets Marlins game tickets
Look at all the great games we went to. Always great spending time with Dad watching sports! There’s a game 7 Marlins’ World Series ticket in there!
My dad and I
My Dad and I present day, at a Mets vs. Marlins game


  1. Michael

    what can i say -i’m blown away!keep up the good work i’m always proud of all you do!your an amazing young man who will always be successful in all that you do!you will have your day in the sun-this is just the begining of a great life and career!just don’t confuse the both.be patient hard working and your greatest wishes will come true-hopefully this doesn’t sound like a hallmark card!your greatest fan-love ,dad!

  2. Art

    Michael/ Ivan

    This was terrific and I am so glad Ivan cherishes those days as well as present times. Michael you did a fabulous job in raising Ivan and teaching him not just about baseball but life itself. I am very happy for the both of you. It’s been too long since we last spoke or saw you guys

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