Marlins’ fans, get your Vuvuzelza on this Saturday!

By Ivan Berliant

I’m sure by now you must’ve heard the ‘buzz’ surrounding the World Cup. Yea sure the soccer is great, but it seems the Vuvuzelas are making all the headlines.  According to our awesome ESPN insider privileges and a report by the Palm Beach Post, the Marlins plan to give out similar type horns this Saturday as the Fish take on the Tampa Bay Rays. The Marlins are giving the first 15,000 fans to show up to Sun Life Stadium a Vuvuzela-type horn, so don’t worry they WON’T be selling out.

The series should be pretty good, and I’m interested in seeing how the Rays perform without another bat in the line-up. Hopefully this is a good idea and doesn’t turn people off of the team even more so.

Read how a Yankee fan brought a Vuvuzela to series finale against the Philadelphia Phillies.

Check out the Palm Beach Post article.


One comment

  1. Michael

    i have to admit ,i never want to hear a vuvuzela after this world cup!however it should be a good series-yes.

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