Oops He Did It Again…Mike Jacobs

By Blake Chadwick

No, this is not referring to Britney Spears top hit in the late 90’s. This is all about Omar Minaya and his pitfalls as GM. We here at Second Half Push have endured Minaya’s reign as GM, and we are close to the breaking point. After a few years of solid work, it has all been downhill since those Marlins knocked out the Mets two years in a row on the last day of the season. Questionable signings, *cough* Oliver Perez *cough* as well as a rash of injuries have put him squarely on the hot seat. Let’s flashback to the year 2005, when Minaya was in his first season running the show in Queens. Mike Jacobs was a young bopper who only played 30 games for the Amazin’s but still managed to hit 11 HR knock in 23 RBI’s and hit .310. The Mets feeling the need to bolster their lineup with a veteran presence, shipped Jacobs in the offseason to the hated Marlins for Carlos Delgado.

On paper, this looked good for the Mets. Let’s check reality. Jacobs went on to hit 69 HR’s in 3 mostly full seasons with the Fish including a 32/93 outing in 2008. While those numbers aren’t gawdy, they are serviceable. At close to $300,000, the pricetag is somewhat tough to beat. So after 99 career HR in his first four and a half seasons, Jacobs might have hit his proverbial peak. The Marlins got all of their value out of him by shipping him to Kansas City for current Marlins closer Leo Nunez, a guy that now garners more fantasy points than any of the previously mentioned players. Anyways, Jacobs fell off in the second half of last season and was subsequently released by KC. So what does Minaya do? He signs Jacobs as a potential starter at 1B in 2010. At a salary nearly matching his entire 3 year stint  with Florida, he was investing in a guy that seemed to have begun regressing. Well, Omar did it again. In 2010, Jacobs has just 5 hits in 24 at bats and only 1 HR. He was expected to fill the void left by Dan Murphy when he went down with injury in Spring Training. Definitely a fantasy nightmare. He was shuttled down to Buffalo, the Mets AAA affiliate, within a month. The silver lining for us Mets fans was obviously the premature call up of blue chipper Ike Davis. Jacobs almost has certainly no chance of being recalled, let alone re-signed for next season. So even though there wasn’t a tremendous financial hit, this has to be seen as a definite bust by the Mets. While Ike Davis will make most forget about this blunder, will Omar Minaya even have the chance to correct his mistake(s) in the future?


One comment

  1. Michael

    jacobs success was due to the american league pitching.he never could handle the national league.as a guy that follows the farm teams ike davis was a much better choice for the mets for now and the future-jacobs was just a baby sitter until ike was ready!

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