Stephen Strasburg 7th Inning

Strasburg stands in the on deck circle in the bottom of the 6th signaling his return which ignites the crowd.

8:46- He threw 81 pitches through 6 and quickly gets ahead 1-2 on cleanup hitter Garrett Jones.

8:48- 2-2 now to Jones and a DIRTY curveball getting him K #12.

8:49- He stays in for the second batter and 1, 2, 3. 99 MPH in the 7th!!! K #13.

8:50- Andy LaRoche gets a knee buckling curveball for strike 1.

8:52- With the crowd on their feet he fans the batter for K #14!!!!!! One off the major league record. Legendary debut. 7 IP 4 hits 2 ER 14 K’s.



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