Stephen Strasburg 6th Inning

8:24- Top of the order here in the 6th. 2nd pitch is a gorgeous breaking ball to McCutchen for strike 2.

8:25- 91 MPH pitch yields K #9 for Strasburg.

8:25- Neil Walker, who scored a run back in the 4th, fouls off a pitch to fall behind 0-2.

8:26- Swing and a miss K #10 for Strasburg. Wow. I know this is the Pirates, but his command is ace material right out of the gates.

8:27- Another breathtaking curveball brings the count even to 1-1 against Milledge.

8:27- Milledge swings and misses for strike 3. Rodriguez throws to first and completes the 11th K of the game for Strasburg. Official tally after 6 innings for Strasburg 4 hits, 2 earned runs, and a whopping 11 K’s.


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