Stephen Strasburg 2nd Inning

After Ryan Zimmerman goes deep with a solo shot in the bottom of the 1st, the rookie phenom has some comfort going into the heart of the Pirates order.

7:18- 2 consecutive pitches at the knees both called balls. The crowd is NOT pleased.

7:19- Garrett Jones swings and misses bringing Strasburg to his first full count.

7:20- With the Nationals crowd at a fever pitch, he battles back with 3 consecutive fastballs and strikes out Jones for his second K.

7:20- Delwyn Young fouls off a fastball to fall behind 1-2 and the crowd is just rabid.

7:21- Strasburg throws his first 100 MPH fastball for a ball.

7:21- A curveball that just falls straight off the table freezes Young for K #3.

7:22- Andy LaRoche takes a 100 MPH fastball into right field for the first base hit against Strasburg. The crowd sounds like it got punched in the face.

7:23- Pitching from the stretch, Strasburg doesn’t lose a step and gets ahead 0-2 on Ronny Cedeno with another wicked curveball.

7:25- Staying completely mellow, Strasburg fans Cedeno to strike out the side and bring his K total to 4 in 2 IP. BTW, his curveball is top of the line stuff already at age 20.


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