Stephen Strasburg 1st Inning

6:58 PM- Strasburg walks out of the bullpen towards the dugout to a rousing ovation. Serious buzz in the crowd. Most excitement since Opening Day 2008 when Zimmerman walked off in the ballpark’s debut.

7:03 The Nats trot out on the field and this crowd is ELECTRIC. Strasburg looks calm, cool, and collected.

7:06- First pitch to Andrew McCutchen 97 MPH inside.

7:06- This kid moves VERY quickly. Lineout to SS Ian Desmond 1 down.

7:07- WICKED breaking ball inside to another fantasy young gun Neil Walker.

7:08- Walker fouls off a 2-0 pitch clocked at 99 MPH.

7:08- Sharp grounder to Dunn at 1st gets out number 2. Another 99 MPH fastball.

7:09- Lastings Milledge to the plate and gets booed LOUDLY. As Mets fans, we rejoice.

7:09- A second consecutive knee bending curveball gets Strasburg his first career K on Milledge. GREAT first victim.


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