How Long Do You Wait for Kung Fu?

By Blake Chadwick

Usually when I order chinese take-out it doesn’t take this long, but the Kung Fu Panda’s slow delivery might have me scrounging for left overs. After tearing through the NL West in his first full season in 2009, Pablo Sandoval has fallen flat this season. Maybe this is his rookie wall. Either way, he was a top 50 pick and an expected cornerstone of one’s fantasy lineup. Miss out on D Wright, Longoria, or Zimmerman? Kung Fu was expected to be in that same mix in 2010. After a 330/25/90/.943 year that included catcher eligibility, you would think this guy is ready to breakout. Thrown in his jovial personality, and this guy is a fantasy owner’s dream.

Well as the month has turned from May to June, the Panda is still hibernating (do they hibernate)? He sits with 4 HR and 23 RBI hitting a mere .283 and an OPS of .763 in the middle of a putrid Giants batting order. The addition of a player such as Aubrey Huff who can also play both corner infield spots has limited Sandoval’s production. So my dilemma as we head into the dog days of summer, how long do I wait for this blue chip bopper to turn things around? He will certainly get swiped in my 8 team rotisserie league due to name value alone. I will let it haunt me all winter if this guy bounces back. So as I let other top prospects such as Adam Jones and Gordon Beckham fall to waivers, I am more reluctant on the guy who won 7th place in NL MVP voting in his first full season. Things need to turn around quickly or I am canceling my order on Kung Fu.



  1. Giants life

    Good article, I still love the Panda though. I’d pick him up if you dropped him in my league!

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