Benching speed for power, Sunday Recap

So here’s the scenario :

I’m up 10-3 in my Yahoo H2H league going into Sunday, I’m only down by one steal and only up by two runs in my closest categories. Of course I’m thinking I have this locked up and why not play Rajai Davis and Curtis Granderson in place of Paul Konerko and Carlos Lee, they could possibly capture and secure these tight categories while getting me a real nice win for the week.

Well for those of you who don’t own Konerko or Lee, each had two-run home runs. Usually I would be quite upset leaving that kind of production on the bench, but I was up significantly in home runs and RBIs. Just to note, sorry for you Ryan Braun and Andre Either owners out there, I played them and it was pathetic.

Well Davis and Granderson both had lackluster days and I didn’t steal any categories (pun intended), but the situation made me ponder a fantasy dilemma…

When should you bench power for speed, and can you really leave those home runs and RBIs on the bench?

I’m curious to know what you think, give me your strategies and let me know if you would bench power for stolen bases and runs?

Additional Sunday Notes:

  • Rookie Brennan Boesch found his stroke going again, so watch for him in deeper leagues.

.381 AVG/ 1.25 OPS/1 Hr/ 4 runs/ 3 RBIs

  • Rickie Weeks has a hot bat, he totally killed me with that home run yesterday against the Cardinals, and he’s hit quite a few this week including two in one game on Monday.


  1. Base-balled

    Give me power all day, they affect way more categories than the speedsters. Plus who doesn’t love some dingers?

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