Weekly Poll: What N.L. East Rookie debut are you more hyped on?

By Ivan Berliant

With the close of another week in baseball, we at Second Half Push are putting near perfect games and poor fantasy weeks behind us. This week marks the debut of two of the highest touted rookies to hit Major League Baseball, Mike Stanton and of course Stephen Strasburg. Living in South Florida, I’m going to have to say that personally I’m a little more hyped to see Stanton than Strasburg and here’s why…

1) I get to watch this kid ‘titty-rip’ the heck out of the ball at the leisure of a home stadium (310/21 hrs/52 rbis in 51 games for AA Jacksonville). I’ll buy a $20 ticket and go sit behind home plate for this kid, wouldn’t you?

2) He’s debuting against the Phillies. At least the Marlins have some balls and they’re bringing Stanton up against some considerable competition. No offense to Strasburg and I know you have to go about debuting pitchers like this properly, but lets face it, the Pittsburgh Pirates (23-32) are garbage and torching them isn’t as exciting for me.

3) He’s coming up at the end of the Mets series. What a perfect scenario for a fan in my situation, he can’t do damage to the Mets and we won’t see him until June 28 in Puerto Rico.

So who are you more hyped on?

We want to know who you would rather see. So come on South Florida and come on America, which rookie are you more hyped on? Without further ado, this weeks poll is…


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